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  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED to raise dubia roach's and crickets to feed frogs, reptiles, or other pets. Starting a dubia roach colony for your bearded dragon or leopard gecko? Use our starter kit to have fast-food snacks ready for your pets habitats
  • DUBIA ROACH STARTER KIT includes everything you need to get your colony going. Put in an enclosure and just add roaches or crickets. Includes 5 egg flats, 1 pound of Premium Roach Chow Cricket Food, 1- (2 oz Packet) of water gel granules
  • EGG FLATS: 5 (12x12") included can be placed inside a plastic storage container or aquarium to create the perfect roach habitat. Egg flats can be stood up or laid flat, alternate or flip each flat to give roaches or crickets plenty of room. Disposable for easy clean up "
  • ROACH CHOW: 1 pound (16 ounces) of High Protein Chow with Oats that crickets will love too! Great for the roaches dry diet or for the cricket hatchery "
  • WATER CRYSTALS: We include 1-(2 oz) Packet of water gel granules. Each ounce makes 1 gallon of gel. Just add water. Your kit includes enough to make 2 gallons of gel to provide moisture for roaches, crickets, or other insects without the risk of drowning them

Dubia Roach Colony Starter Kit

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Dubia Roach Kit
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