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"EVERYTHING YOU NEED" to Raise Feeder Crickets and Dubia Roaches to Feed Your Reptiles. Use Our Premium Chow to Have Fast Food Snacks Ready for Your Pets Habitats

"CRICKET AND DUBIA ROACH KIT INCLUDES" 5 Pounds of Premium Roach and Cricket Chow Just Add Some Fruits and Vegetables to Make Your Feeder Insects Happy

"OUR GOAL" is to make you and your feeder insects very happy. If for any reason, you are not satisfied or have a question, please, don't hesitate and contact us immediately. Our company will make it right with you. Thank you for your purchase and I would love to have you as a repeat customer!

"Roach Chow" 5 Pounds (80 Ounces) of High Protein Chow with Oats That Crickets Will Love Too! Great for the Roaches Dry Diet or for the Cricket Hatchery

Cricket and Dubia Roach Chow (5 Lbs.)

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