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  • PREVENTS YOUR FEEDER INSECTS (crickets and Dubia roaches) from drowning. Great for potted plants, flowers, garden beds, planters & more
  • DROWN-FREE WATER SOURCE For Your Insects- Reduces Water Stress In Plants To Help ProteCt Them From Heat And Drought. Just Add The Crystals To Your Potting Soil.
  • IDEAL FOR CONTAINERS And Hanging Baskets. Reduces Watering Frequency By Up To 50% And Soil Compaction, While Increasing Aeration.
  • WATER CRYSTALS WILL SWELL When Absorbing Water To Release When Needed To Keep Plants From Drying Out Making Them Live Longer!
  •  EASY TO USE - Just Mix G&T Country Livings Water Storing Crystals With Potting Soil Evenly Throughout The Root Zone. After Planting Just Water To Allow Granules To Absorb The Maximum Amount Of Water. This Will Reduce The Amount Of Water Needed.

Water-gel Crystals

1 Ounce
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